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Shiksha Mahtani is a Host, Radio Jockey, Actress, Dancer, and overall Performer living ​in Los Angeles, CA.

She started hosting with AfterBuzz TV in September of 2019 where she was hosting a minimum of 6 aftershows a week. She now has her own Bollywood talk radio show with Rukus Avenue Radio, where she presents the latest Bollywood news, as well as interviews Bollywood celebrities. You can tune in, every week, to her show called "Bollywood Break". See the "Hosting" tab for info on how to listen. She also interviews and hosts for the prestigious online Indian Bollywood magazine - Pinkvilla - for whom she has interviewed numerous Indian celebrities and influencers and continues to do so. 

Shiksha Mahtani is an American of South Asian/Indian heritage who was born in Santiago, Chile. She moved to the United States when she was six years old, and is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently. Raised in Nashville, TN, she was exposed to an American lifestyle. However, she also grew up in a traditional Indian home, which immersed her in her Indian culture. It is because of this unique background that Shiksha is comfortable in American, Indian, or LatinX communities. 

Shiksha started performing in front of people from the age of three and never stopped. Her passion for dance and acting have driven her to participate in various plays, musicals, and yearly dance performances while growing up. 

She is now an actress living in Los Angeles, where she trains rigorously by going to actor classes/workshops regularly. She has also been featured in various web shows. 

She is trained in ballet, tap, jazz, jazz funk, hip hop, bollywood, and other various dance styles. She focuses her choreography on Bollywood and Bollywood Fusion (fusing bollywood with the aforementioned western styles). Dancing has always been one of the greatest passions in Shiksha's life. She is well-known for her Bollywood dance covers where she performs popular Bollywood dances, and then films/edits them shot for shot, all by herself. The LA Times actually did a full video feature on how she does this. You can find the link to that on the "Home" page, or the "Press" page. She never stops training and attends advanced dance classes in Los Angeles whenever she can. 

Shiksha graduated from the University of Richmond with a double major in Leadership Studies and Political Science, as well as a concentration in Social Justice and Gender Equality. She hopes to one day combine her passion for social justice and gender equality with her passion for hosting, acting, dancing, and performing. 

Shiksha is driven and determined to make her dreams come true. 

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